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Christmas In The Bottoms

Christmas In The Bottoms - Charles  Harvey Overall, I really enjoyed Charles Harvey's take on Charles Dicken's classic A Christmas Carol. It was a light humorous parody of a holiday classic.

The Good: Harvey's talent for writing shined through in this short story. It carried the story and made me want to read more. The characters were overall phone and amusing. I especially enjoyed Madd and Dog2020. During the first third of the book, I found myself trying to hold back laughter and highlighting funny passages.

The Bad: Unfortunately, when it came time for Ebenezer's learning his lesson and being visited by ghost the story began to stumble. It seemed rushed and I wished that more attention had been payed to the segment and the creative that had been displayed in the first third of the short story had continued.

A full more detailed review can be found at my blog The Little Reading Nook.