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Covenant - Brandon Massey Covenant opens with what should be a relaxing afternoon between father and soon but there is something wrong with father. The son, Anthony, knows this and think that he has done something wrong. Then a shot is heard and the father is killed. Reading this made me sad. Massey did a good job in showing how important and deep the relationship was between Anthony and his father. This helps the reader later understand why the death of the father had such a profound affect not only on Anthony but the who Thorne family, even 15 years later. It also makes the reader what to know why the father was killed and by whom.

I tend to fill that thrillers in general don't focus on characters that much, and often times they can seem a little one or two dimensional. Covenant, sort of falls into this trap. The main characters, Anthony and his wife, Lisa, are well thought out. I really enjoyed both of them, even though I would have liked to see more of Lisa. The secondary characters were a little flat. I wish that characters like Mike, Anthony's best friend, was flushed out a little more.

The way that Massey handle the clues that helped solve the murder was clever. I loved it. Everything added up perfect and when it all came together, I didn't find myself scratching my head and thinking WTF? I did make an accurate guess on some of the clues, they weren't that hard to figure out (at least of me) and knowing what was going to happen did not lessen my enjoyment of the story. It just made to excited to get to a section and say "I know it".