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The Replacement Wife

The Replacement Wife - Eileen Goudge Full review on my blog

I really wanted to like this one and had high hopes for it. But my hopes were dashed.

My main problem was that he characters did not grow. Which is a problem, because essentially this is a character driven novel. Stuff happens, but it is the kind of stuff that you would expect to happen on an normal given day in the course of ones lifetime. This story was prefect for strong, unforgettable characters that the reader could watch grow and develop. But they don't. Camille did learn to appreciate what she had but she did not change very much. The husband, Edward, was so forgettable that I had to look up his name to write this review. I can only remember the name of Camille and Edward's son, Zach. Goudge was not able to make me care about any of her characters.

Also, I felt that the books was uneven. The first two-thirds was slow (to me). It picked up in the last third but by then I just wanted to find out what happened so it would it. If the writing in the first two-thirds was as strong as the writing in the last one-third then I would have enjoyed this more.