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The Lynching of Louie Sam - Elizabeth   Stewart Grade: B

Overall, The Lynching of Louie Sam was a satisfactory read. I think what drag the grade down for me was George's character and the confusion about his age. I had to remind myself too many times that George was 15 years old and not 12 years old. It doesn't seem like a big thing but subject matter that is dealt with in the book it is important. While the writing was solid, it wasn't quite as strong as I would have like it to been. The research and historical facts is what saved The Lynching of Louie Sam from being a C+/B- book.

Overall Recommendation:

I would recommend The Lynching of Louie Sam to anyone that enjoy Historical Fiction and would like to read about the early settlers in the Washington region. I found the historical setting by itself fascinating and well worth the read.

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