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The Hunted - L.A. Banks I am a total fan of this series. When I got the book from the library I was really excited. I was actually kind of made that "New Moon" by Stephenie Meyers was standing in my way of reading a more adult vampire romance story.

What I really enjoy about Banks writing in this series is that she gives you a little more information on the background of the characters and their history with each book. As the story moves along the rules of the vampire world are reveled and shows how much thought that she put into this series. One of the main problems that I had with "New Moon" was that the characters (particularly Bella) were not growing and developing. I don't have that problem with this series. In "The Hunted" the main character Damali continues to not only grow as a person but her skills as a vampire hunter continue to improve. I also like watching her relationship with Carlos develops and grow.

Unfortunately, Banks still has not still has a problem with language in this book. The slang that she uses seems a little forced to me and outdated. I have gotten use to it, so it is not a major issue with me now but it still bothers me. Another problem with this story is that the characters end up in Brazil and she doesn't make the switch. What I mean, is that all the Brazilian characters use the American slang terms and now the actions (fist pound which is also outdated unless you are Obama or older). It takes away from the feel that the characters are in a foreign place. Everyone they meet also somehow seems to know English (that could be because they are all for the most part paranormal creatures) not very believable (Yes, I know it is a vampire story).