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Like Water for Chocolate - Thomas Christensen, Carol Christensen, Laura Esquivel I read this book for the first time while I was in middle school and remembered loving it. I even have called it one of my favorites. Since I have not read it in almost 15 years I decided to read it again. It did not leave the same impression on my that it left 15 years ago.

"Like Water for Chocolate" is a story that tells of the love between Tita and Pedro and the family tradition that keeps them apart. It is told almost like a fairy tale with dramatic and elaborate scenarios. The story is written in monthly format and at the beginning of the month there is a recipe. The directions to prepare the recipes are incorporated into the story.

As I was reading this story I became destructed by the instructions for preparing the recipes. I started to skip them since they had nothing to do with the storyline as a whole. It would have been better if the Esquivel had someone incorporate the preparation of the recipes in with the characters actions. Instead she would devote a paragraph or two to the preparation of the meal. Sometimes right in the middle of a scene. Luckily, the instructions were in appropriate places (when the meal was being prepared) but it still messed up the flow of the story.

I did like most of the characters but some of the personalities were extreme, like in most fairy tales. I also felt that some of the descriptions of the scenes were a little overboard and took away from my enjoyment of the book sometimes.

While I like the story as a whole and think that it was well written it is no longer a favorite. Interesting how taste change over time.