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Matchmakers 2.0 - Debora Geary Matchmakers 2.0 is not a novel. The author, Debora Geary, calls it a Novel Nibbles which is a cutesy way for saying short story. I finished this short while enjoying the day at the beach with my sister and cousin. It was very light and entertaining, the prefect beach read.

Since Matchmakers 2.0 is a short story there is not a lot of room for the character development that I am use from novels. The story is told from the point of view of Mick, a scientist turned online matchmaker. Mick is corky and smart. I like the fact that Geary was able to develop Micks character in such a short story and makes the reader feel like they know her. It makes her more relate-able. In fact, most of the characters that were in the story were memorable and well thought out.

I found myself wishing that this was a longer piece. The problem with a lot of short stories is that ending seems rushed and Matchmakers 2.0 suffered the same fate. All the little storylines were wrapped neatly into a little bow. Which isn't bad since the genre is romance but I think I would have enjoyed it more if it had been dragged out a little bit more. If there had just been a little bit more “action”.